Ensure your content and tools are interoperable, accessible and sharable

eWorks can ensure that your online content, tools and systems meet the Australian e-learning technical standards. We can either follow a standards-based approach when developing your new e-learning content, or adapt your existing products and services so they meet the standards.

Experts in accessibility (WCAG 2.0)

Experts in responsive design

Experts in SCORM compliance

Adopting a Standards-Based Approach

Technical standards should be considered in the development of your online training products and services to:

  • increase accessibility for users
  • ensure interoperability accross systems, browsers and devices
  • increase shelf life (future proofing)
  • make it easier to reuse or share your learning materials
  • reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Standards should be considered throughout the development cycle of your online learning, from planning through to content development, software procurement and delivery.

Key Standards for E-learning

eWorks can help you identify and implement applicable, recommended technical standards in the following areas:

  • content formats
  • users' operating systems and environments
  • accessibility
  • metadata
  • content packaging
  • content repositories
  • intellectual property.