EdVET returns for 2019 with a focus on strategy, learning design and immersive technologies for real-world skills.

Come and join industry thought leaders and experience important conversations, presentations, specialised demos and workshops led by global companies. You will immerse yourself in VR/AR with your own complimentary Google Cardboard headset.

We will share proactive and valuable real-use cases from the immersive industry, video in education and TAFE. Our workshops will give you deeper insights into learning design and skills based eLearning.



Opening address

Jacqueline Bates - Director, eWorks


Tackling the challenges of Technology Enhanced Learning

Mark Bailye - Customer Success Advocate, Blackboard


Have we reached the tipping point? Immersive Technologies – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Pradeep Khanna - Executive Director, Asia Pacific VR AR Association

Morning Tea

Simple, effective course design

Mark Bailye

This session explores a simple hands-on approach to designing effective online learning experiences. You will leave with skills and resources you can use to immediately design and develop a course.


Strategies for integrating immersive technologies

Pradeep Khanna

How do you begin to build a business case for investing in Immersive Technologies in Education/Training? Gain insights into what's happening in different segments of Education/Training regarding Immersive Technologies (VR and AR). Walkthrough the key factors to be covered in building a business case.


Video in Education: Insights and Trends


A snapshot of the current impact of video in the education space:

  • How is it being used?
  • Approaches to lecture capture, accessibility, and analytics
  • Where educators see the future of video
  • Using video to enhance real world learning for your students

Creating authentic assessment

Mark Bailye

Lecturers spend a lot of energy and time on the critical components of assessment and feedback. This session explores a number of good practices that can be used to design and develop an authentic assessment that makes good use of the tools provided in the LMS (Learning Management System). Participants will leave with resources and best practices they use when developing their own authentic assessment tasks.


Using video in education: Case-studies



Making learning more engaging

Mark Bailye

How do you make learning more engaging for students? How do you provide students with the opportunities to develop the skills they need to make them more employable? This session will explore good practices and ways in which you can use technology effectively to create activities that will engage students and enable them to gain the experience they need to make them more job ready.


How GOTAFE used Ally to dramatically impact accessibility for their learners - Case Study

Ilona Van Galen - Digital Education Designer, GOTAFE


Why use a Learning design toolkit?

Nicola Townsend - Educational Technology Manager, eWorks

Explore eWorks’ Learning Design Toolkit, designed to assist in the development of cohesive, consistent and engaging courseware and learning experiences.


Closing address

Jacqueline Bates

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