Steps to success - Engaging participants in active learning

Presented by John Blake
on 23 November 2022

How often have you heard students complain of boring theory classes? With forward planning, learning can be fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Join us this month for practical design ideas to bring theory alive. No matter the content, scaffolding learning is a clever way to provide learners with every opportunity of remembering theoretical content and skills beyond the assessment.

About John Blake

With nearly 20 years in education, John brings a unique industry skill set combining EAL (English as an Additional Language) & Foundation Skills, Hospitality, and Training & Education delivery.

John has worked in almost 20 countries supporting a multicultural blend of learners in primary schools, high schools, TAFEs, industry professionals, and retirees combining low-literacy to PhD participants in hundreds of schools, classes, groups, and businesses.

John uses creative delivery approaches, contextualising training and assessment for specific industry needs and supports teachers in making a difference for the transformation of their learners.