Deliver better training with TVC

TrainingVC is Australia’s most trusted platform for online education with over 200,000 learners across more than 150 organisations already engaged.

Why not try it yourself?

Tailored for your business

eWorks provides a tailored TVC learning management solution for every type of business.

Vocational education and training (VET) providers

Engage your learners with competency-based assessment and use advanced reporting to meeting compliance requirements.

Businesses and enterprises

Track employee capabilities, manage the appraisal process and report on all aspects of employee training.

Government organisations

Manage organisation-wide training while adhering to government-mandated accessibility requirements.

Associations, foundations, unions and charities

Cost-effectively manage and track your organisation’s information dissemination requirements online.

Benefits of TVC

Deliver anytime and anywhere

TVC works on all browsers and platforms including tablet and mobile devices. No matter where and when your learners want to access, TVC is there.

Value for money

High quality online training delivery needn’t cost an arm and a leg. TVC provides an economical solution for organisations of all sizes.

VIP service and support

Our dedicated support desk is available 9-5, 5 days a week. We will help you to maximise the business benefits of moving online.

Fully integrated solution

The TVC integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing IT infrastructure (including student management systems, HR Information Systems, Intranet etc.) to save you time and money in ensuring data consistency.

Custom branding

Your TVC site will perfectly reflect your organisation’s branding. Whether it’s colours, fonts, graphics or even a social media feed, TVC does it all.

Hosted in Australia

All TVC platforms are hosted in the award-winning government-approved Equinix SY3 Data Centre. Rest easy with the knowledge that your valuable data is secure.

Not just a learning management system

All TVC packages are integrated with educational tools to improve the effectiveness of your training delivery and add value to your business.

Online webinar / classroom solution

Content management system

Library of free VET content