Why custom content works for business

Every organisation is unique. We might have the same functions, such as hiring people - but are your people and the tasks they undertake a carbon copy of every other workplace?

Hiring retail staff for a chain of 1960s retro clothing stores is a million miles away from hiring miners who will be working in environments that can be physically dangerous.

Bringing newcomers on board is about more than explaining company policies and occupational health and safety.

Hiring new staff

When you recruit new staff, you want them to bring their excitement at having a new job or workplace, and attach that to your brand and your company tone.

The messages you send, starting with induction, will set the tone for your staff. With ongoing customised training, you can build on that consistently, and develop an outstanding depth of organisational knowledge and loyalty.

Your learners are likely to switch off if the presentation looks outdated, or if they think it has been developed to foreign standards that are irrelevant to their role, or if the appearance does not reflect your workplace and brand.

Bespoke induction training will speak in the voice of your organisation. You can clearly depict the character, personality and tone of relationship you want to establish with your staff and your clients without needing to explain it. Your online learning may begin with “Hey there newbie”, or “Hello and welcome to... “ In this way, your staff will immediately pick up on the culture and communication style of your business.

Why customise your training?

Sometimes your staff need to update their skills, but you just can’t find online learning that meets your specific needs. In the world of online learning, a custom-designed solution can prove better value than an ‘off the shelf’ training package. You can stress what’s important to your business, such as the issues around interacting with a particular group of clients, or how to handle your product.

You can use ‘real world’ examples from your workplace to detail essential safety or legal issues - and incorporate a quiz to reinforce the messages.

You might provide video role plays of interactions with customers, using specific products or services that you supply. This has impact and validity that cannot be attained through pre-designed courses.

With bespoke content, you can update the message as your needs change, keeping your information current both with external impacts such as legislation, and internal developments such as departmental restructures.

What is provided in custom content?

A bespoke training package can use:

  • Your branding
  • Questions and quizzes that challenge your staff with situations they’re likely to encounter at work.

It can provide:

  • Instruction in how to deal with situations where practical training is impractical, such as how to deal with an emergency
  • Data on your staff responses. If 75 per cent choose the second-best answer to a question, you might want to look at induction materials and how managers communicate the message to their teams.

You can always follow up with a group brainstorm, e.g. what did everyone think of the situation where the customer wouldn’t sign in?

Five questions to ask a content designer

Our approach to bespoke content development involves working closely with the client. This enables us to understand not only the messages to be conveyed, but also the best way to deliver them.

If you are considering commissioning content, here are some questions to ask:

  • Will my learning be delivered in modular packages? You may choose to re-use elements of the package as your needs change, and this will be easier to do if it’s been designed in a format that allows elements to be separated out.
  • Will it be accessible via mobile and tablet as well as on a laptop or desktop computer? Not everyone will want to access your content on a personal computer.
  • Will it be WCAG-compliant? WCAG stands for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and it’s important in the education world because adhering to the guidelines helps to make your content accessible to people with various types of disability. WCAG enables your content to be inclusive.
  • What support will my staff/HR Department get to deliver this learning?
  • How would my staff work with you to develop our training package? How much time will your content designer make to understand my organisation and our needs?

How to make the best use of your e-learning

Don’t set and forget your customised package. The data it provides can assist you with analysing strengths and weaknesses in your organisation, and inform your future training requirements.

Custom e-learning – a modern solution to training

Your company’s expectations of staff aren’t same as every other organisation. How you provide training sends a message to your staff.

For instance, do you expect staff to clean up after themselves in the group kitchen, or do you have cleaners, or not care to issue advice? All of these detailed and specific questions come into play when creating an interactive, exciting, brand aware and targeted training system for your valuable staff.

It can be critical to drawing the best from your people, helping to retain them in difficult times and ensuring their skills remain current.