Make the most of Moodle™ quizzes

Quizzes inject variety into your learning content and can be a smart way to test learners’ comprehension and recall. There are a few pitfalls to avoid when setting quizzes and this blog explains how to avoid them.

I’ve recorded a video that takes you through the Moodle™ quiz setting function and you might like to follow the process from the link below. The slides from the video are also available below.

Creating a question bank in Moodle™

Moodle™ provides options that enable quiz questions to be randomised through the use of question banks.

You can deposit all your questions into your "bank” and Moodle™ will allow you to group the questions and distribute them to students in a randomised manner.

What is randomisation and why does it matter?

Randomisation enables each student to get a different question from one of the groupings within the bank. That means they don’t get the same question as the person sitting next to them, and there is no point in distributing answers. Randomisation also allows for alternative questions to be presented if a student gets an answer wrong.

For example, if a student answers incorrectly in a multiple choice or True/False series, the correct answer will be obvious if they are asked the same question again. They will get it right the second time, without actually having learned the material.

A question bank can address this, as shown in the diagram below. If a student answers a question incorrectly, they can be asked a new question related to the unit from the same grouping within the question bank.

Diagram of quiz structure

Why can’t we randomise the whole knowledge quiz?

When we don’t group our questions into individual components, we risk the randomisation function presenting more questions around one component and not providing students with questions on others.

Under the Rules of Evidence, we are required to collect evidence of competence against every component of a unit of competency.

How to create a question bank in Moodle™

For more information watch this clip from my presentation, where I demonstrate how to set up a question bank in Moodle™.

Alternatively you can review the slides here: Download

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