MARCH 2016

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Capturing learning with Tin Can (xAPI)

xApi is a powerful tool that can be used to track learning events and other data. The feature that makes this different to other analytical tools or programs is the freedom - the simple statement structure gives you the freedom to capture almost any event. 

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Digital badges

The future of tracking staff development

A digital badge is an online image which holds important information about a person’s abilities and experiences which can be shared online. These badges are the perfect way to manage people's training requirements in the workplace.

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Transform your IT delivery

Virtual Labs

Giving students access to real IT equipment for labs, coursework, or practical assessments remains a huge challenge for educational institutions and IT learning organisations. But can you learn IT online?

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VET sector news and updates

Flex eNews comes to a close

The distribution of Flex eNews has to date been supported by the arrangements under the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) and the National VET E-learning Strategy 2012-2015. As part of streamlining the governance arrangements of the national training system, FLAG was dissolved in 2014 and the distribution of Flex eNews has now come to a close. In place of receiving Flex eNews, subscribers have been automatically subscribed to eLink to continue to receive VET sector e-learning information. If you would like to unsubscribe from eLink you can do so at any time.

Toolbox of the month

Harness the sun

Harness the Sun will address three units from the Certificate IV in Electrical - Photovoltaic Systems qualification. This qualification is required by licensed electricians to operate as accredited designers and installers of photovoltaic systems.

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Random link of the month

Why your kids shouldn't listen to you

Turns out stubborn and rebellious children tend to earn higher incomes. So if you're planning a flashy retirement...

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iDesignX Live 2016
16 March, Sydney, NSW

Australian Government Data Summit
22-24 March, Canberra, ACT

Group Training National Conference
7-8 April, Adelaide, SA

AVETRA Annual Conference
20-22 April, Sydney, NSW

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