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Engaging learners with interactive video

Interactive video increases the learning experience by providing learners with the opportunity to...you guessed it...interact with the video content. But how does it work, and what are the best tools available to create this powerful type of video?

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Improve your Moodle user experience

Moodle's hierarchy of needs

How can Moodle’s functions ensure a positive user experience for your learners? Let's find out by considering Moodle’s User Experience Hierarchy of Needs.

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Seven days of Moodle tasks

Are you ready for 2016?

Have you tidied up your Moodle courses for 2016? Don't worry, It's not too late! Simply follow these seven Moodle tasks and you will be set.

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Visually track your learners' progress

Moodle's progress bar

Have you ever thought about using Moodle’s Progress Bar block to keep an eye on how your learners are progressing through their courses? Here is how to do it.

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Deliver better training

Not just a learning management system

Have you seen our schmick new TVC page? eWorks provides a tailored learning management solution for every type of business - VET sector, private enterprises, government organisations, associations, foundations, unions and charities.

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Random link of the month

Sit as close to the TV as you like!

It's time to use science to bust some common misconceptions about eyesight. Can we sit close to the screen and read in the dark? And, most importantly, should we be eating extra carrots?

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