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Remote communities and e-learning

East Arnhem Regional Council (EARC) is situated in the far north-eastern corner of the Northern Territory mainland. The Council provides core local government services to nine remote communities of Arnhem land, five of which are located on islands. Find out how eWorks has been tackling The Council’s challenge to deliver training to over 300 staff in nine remote and dispersed locations.

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Will anyone look at my e-portfolio?

Yes! And they're not just for students

After years of encouraging students to develop and maintain e-portfolios Lilian Austin had to walk the talk. Fortunately, it was a very useful exercise with some interesting outcomes.

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Language, literacy and numeracy skills

How technology can help

Did you know that one in two adult Australians are below the internationally recognised level of literacy and numeracy to effectively function in the workplace and beyond? Let's consider the implications of this shocking statistic for the vocational education and training (VET) sector, and how technology can help to address the issue.

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Rapid e-learning authoring tools

A comparison of tools used for the VET sector

The E-standards for Training business activity recently sought to compare commercial or open source authoring environments commonly used to develop e-learning content for use in vocational education and training (VET) in Australia. Find out whether the output of the tool that you use conforms to the E-standards for Training.

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How to build a business case for e-learning

Return on investment is king

What if your organisation's management doesn’t believe that an online approach to training will save time let alone make money? That’s when a good business case is crucial. Here are a few tips to make sure that you have all of your bases covered.

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Do you have an innovative teaching and learning project?

Entries open for the E20 best of 2015 digital showcase

When it comes to digital technologies in education there is so much to learn from other sectors. The E20 Best of 2015 digital showcase offers the opportunity to share best practice and recognise innovative teachers.

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Cengage's resource of the month

Essential clinical 1 skills for enrolled / div. 2 nurses

This fully populated course can be uploaded into your Moodle and your students can get started straight away with no extra work for you. Clearly laid out and beautifully illustrated, it’s not surprising that this is one of Cengage’s top vocational titles.

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Toolbox of the month

Fit to Fly (Aeroskills)

Fit to Fly guides learners through airworthiness administration regulations and requirements. Using real work situations that deal with different aircraft types, learners work through the various jobs required of a qualified Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs).

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Moodle tip of the month

Paste from excel into your gradebook

Did you know that grades can be imported into your gradebook as a CSV or XML file, or by pasting from a spreadsheet, as long as the import file format is the same as the export format? Why not try it:

1. Decide on an import format - CSV or XML file, or paste from spreadsheet
2. Export some grades and save the file
3. Select the import format from the gradebook dropdown menu
4. Upload your saved, exported file
5. Click 'upload grades'
6. Smile!

App of the month


Open, view, share and pay your bar tab or restaurant bill. Find a venue, set your limit, view your tab in real-time and avoid the queues.

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Random link of the month

Underwater spookiness!

Amazing what you can find in the depths of the ocean. Look what these divers discovered in Turkey.

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