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Video assessment made easy

If you are frustrated by how complicated it can be to manipulate video and use it for assessment, you will be pleased to hear that TAFE SA have done something about it.

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E-learning for government

Are you asking the right questions?

Technical standards, government policies, copyright, quality assurance and more. Are you asking the right questions when it comes to government e-learning projects?

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Four easy steps to SMS / LMS integration

Automate processes, avoid errors and make life easier

If you are not aware of the benefits of integration, or you are thinking about it but it all seems too hard, allow us to convince you of the power of this change.

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How to beat the e-learning resistance

And keep the magic of good teaching and learning alive

Can you create the face-to-face experience in online learning through good learning design?

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World of Warcraft

A fun way to develop online facilitation skills

Well what do you know? It turns out that being a gamer can prepare you for online facilitation.

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Calling all parents!

Are you concerned about STEM  learning in primary schools?

Tinkering with Arduino, big data analysis, STEM learning in primary schools and watch out for SPOC. What did you take away from MoodleMoot 2015?

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Cengage's resource of the month

Programming and planning in early childhood settings

This valuable resource for early childhood education students and practitioners provides a broad view of the concepts and issues in early childhood curriculum. Programming and planning in early childhood settings, together with a range of other learning resources, can be purchased through VET Commons.

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Toolbox of the month

Community Services (2015 update)

In this clever Toolbox the learner is cast in the role of a care worker, and is presented with a range of tasks that a care worker would be expected to perform in either a residential facility or a home and community care environment. This Toolbox has been updated to support its use on iPad.

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Moodle tip of the month


With the release of MoodleCloud, Martin and the team at MoodleHQ have empowered anyone to make a Small Personal Online Course (SPOC). Have you created your domain yet?

App of the month


Create beautiful pieces of art with this pattern-based art tool. Hexels Pro is an art tool based on patterns and tessellations instead of pixels.

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Random link of the month

What if animals were round?

It's time to go on safari - but not quite as we know it. What if all of the animals were a little rounder than usual?

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