JULY 2015

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Who gives a Moodle about learner engagement?

Keeping your auditors happy without spending all of your time doing it is about making sure you have a delivery system with trackability functionality and then getting it set up properly from the start.

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A humanist approach to health and safety at last!

Updated WHS: A Management Guide published

WHS: A Management Guide, 4e is now available to purchase through VET Commons by specific presentation, chapter or the entire book.

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Moodle's killer feature?

The Gradebook

Find out what makes Moodle’s Gradebook so special, and why it is such a shame that so few users are taking advantage of all that it offers.

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Can technology support flexible working?


Yammer, WizIQ, Lync 2013 and Trello. A little technology goes a long way to encouraging innovation and teamwork, even when working remotely.

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The power of video-based learning to educate

Videos are so 2015 and beyond!

Video is one of the fastest growing parts of the education sector globally and a huge trend at university level. Are you up to speed when it comes to video-based learning?

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Buying an LMS?

Don't get ripped off!

With so many LMS models on the market how do we choose the right option for the short, medium and long term - without getting ripped off?

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Toolbox of the month

Updated Build Green

The Build Green Toolbox has recently been updated so that it can be viewed on iPADs. This online learning resource educates tradespeople in the building and construction industry about environmentally sustainable work practices.

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Moodle tip

How to change your Moodle favicon (and what's a favicon?)

A favicon is a little image that shows on most browser tabs. To change this image you need to replace the favicon.ico file (in your theme folder) with an image of your choice, then clear your cache.

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App of the month


Organise your thoughts with Scribbleton, a lightweight and cross-platform personal wiki. No installation needed: simply drop the files somehwere on your computer and your wiki is ready to go. You can even place the files inside a shared folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and it will be available from anywhere!

Random link of the month

Goat babies in pyjamas

Go on, allow yourself just one minute of fun. We bet you can't watch this without smiling.

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