May 2015

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Flexible Learning Toolboxes are stand-alone e-learning resources that cover a large range of topics, from aged care to plumbing and horticulture to food safety. Three Toolboxes have just been updated and the learning objects added to the National VET Content repository.

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How to avoid social media faux pas at work

New Moodle course makes it simple

Social media is fabulous, but it has serious risks and consequences. So if you don’t have a social media policy now is the time to get one - and this new Moodle course will make it easy.

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Connect with the VET sector

Do you have an article for eWorks’ blog?

Did you know that we regularly publish blog posts and that relevant articles are published in eLink? If you have an idea for an article, we would love to hear from you.

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Web conferencing audio issues?

Here’s how to get sorted!

You sign in to a webinar or web conference only to find that the audio isn’t working. Your heart starts to race and you try to fix it but you’re too flustered to think. Don’t panic! Audio issues can have many causes, but they are generally easy to fix.

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Using Moodle forums for blended training

A whole new level of student interaction

If you haven’t introduced Moodle forums into your blended learning strategy it’s time to join the revolution. Moodle forums offer so many options to make training relevant and interesting, and you can tailor interactions to the nature and stage of your courses.

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Is there any point to staff training?

Here’s how to find out

After consulting hundreds of L&D professionals, and hearing their frustration when staff training doesn’t quite do everything they need it to do, John has come up with a solution.

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Third party compliance training

Is it your responsibility?

Most workplaces these days are a mix of contractors, temporary staff members, consultants, casuals and so on. What does that mean when it comes to risk management and compliance training and, most importantly, your responsibilities surrounding these activities?

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Cengage’s resources of the month

Electrical Principles

With its uncomplicated language, excellent use of fully worked examples and illustrated images providing full colour visual aids to learners, this is the perfect course to gain entry into the area of electrotechnology.

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Toolbox of the month


Hands-on activities and challenges to develop problem solving skills while learning about basic electrical concepts, electrical occupational health and safety, fabricating electrical components, and using drawings, diagrams, schedules and manuals.

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Moodle tip

Lost your administration block?

If you can't see the administration block on Moodle, it may have been docked. If you want it back, the dock can generally be found on the left hand side of the page.

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TED talk of the month

How to make a splash in social media

Alexis Ohanian shares the ‘real-life’ story of mister splashy pants and how he got his name via social media.

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App of the month


This nifty little app turns an iPad into your Mac’s second screen. Nice.

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