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February 2015

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An updated set of technical standards for creating accessible and reusable e-learning content has been published for the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Data was gathered from national and state-based VET specific sites, and this year more than 2.3 million visits were analysed so that the E-standards truly reflect technology in use in the sector. Key updates for 2015 include...

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Avoiding death by documentation

Adding meaning to compliance training

For the e-learner process can spell a near death experience of clicking and scrolling and swiping through endless lists of policy, procedure, checklists, flowcharts and decision trees. How can we, the instructional designer and writer, add meaning to lists of processes in the e-learning format?

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Personalising learning with e-portfolios

An e-learning success story

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Education Institute works with young people, families, schools and education and health professionals to ensure that children and young people engage in learning and remain connected to their school community throughout their health journey. Lauren Sayer, Head of Teaching and Learning, shares their story about trialling e-portfolios.

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What do you want to know about digital learning?

What would you like to see in eLink? Are there particular topics of interest to you? Or something that would make your job or life easier? Now is your chance to let us know.

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Need a digital learning consultant?

Take your pick!

When eWorks first set up an accredited consultant program a couple of months ago, we planned to introduce one consultant per month. But now we already have three! Have you met Francis Kneebone, Kylie McKeown and Allison Miller yet? They are here to answer any questions you have about learning delivery.

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Deploying video in digital learning

Your options and various factors to consider

The deployment of video in digital learning is undoubtedly an essential component of the blended learning mix. But are you aware of the various ways that you can do this, such as Youtube and Vimeo, and do you know how to maximise the impact of your videos?

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WCAG 2.0 Level AA

Are we there yet?

Since 1998, the OZeWAI conference has brought together people from all over Australia and the world to share experiences and advances in web standards, with an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility. Ozewai 2014 was no different, covering a range of topics including inclusion and accessibility in universities, social media and cloud computing accessibility and the E-standards accessible HTML5 video player.

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Toolbox of the month

Frontline Management

The Frontline Management Toolbox empowers learners to quickly gain a practical understanding of workplace management skills through case studies and what-if scenarios, and then apply them to their own workplaces.

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Cengage’s resource of the month


The MGMT2 course is the perfect mix of text and interactive learning tools to equip students with the knowledge required for the Certificate IV in Management and Diploma of Management.

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Moodle tip

Organise course materials and tutorials

Have you ever used the book tool in Moodle? If your course consists of several modules or parts, Moodle's book tool will help you get organised and make it easier for students to find their way around course content or a module.

Figure 1: where to find the book tool (JPEG, 99.6 KB)

TED talk of the month

Reinventing education for millennials

Anant Agarwal talks about massively open online courses (MOOCS) that have generated both excitement and skepticism throughout the world of digital classes.

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App of the month


One for the coders out there - Brackets is an open source code editor used by the eWorks team.

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