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September 2014

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In the first part of this Moodle course best practice series, eWorks offered some golden rules to quickly improve your Moodle courses. Once these have been implemented it’s time to start thinking about improving usability, which is the focus of the second part of the series.

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Excellence in e-learning? That’s eWorks!

eWorks was been listed as a finalist for the 2014 eLearning Excellence Awards, hosted by the E-Learning Industry Association of Victoria.  eWorks was nominated under the Community category based on some fantastic work the team did with the Australian Childhood Foundation to create an online training module.

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So, you want an app?
Decision tool for teachers

An interactive App Decision Tool has been developed to assist vocational education and training (VET) teachers to source apps to meet their mobile learning goals. Read more about this important piece of work funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy and overseen by the E-Standards Expert Group.

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MOOCs, VHS and craft beer
eWorks at the ACPET 2014 conference

The ACPET  conference is always a great one to attend and this year eWorks even had an opportunity to present. Here is a post from our presenter Darcy who had a great time at ACPET 2014. Read the story »

If you are attending the E-Learning Portfolio Forum and Workshop in Melbourne next week be sure to visit our very own Bernadette Parry who will be on site talking all things e-portfolios, including our recent upgrade to Mahara 1.9.

Cengage’s resources of the month
Fully populated Moodle courses

VET Commons publishers Cengage Learning are now offering ten of their top vocational titles as fully populated Moodle courses. These Moodle courses contain all the theoretical key components needed for the course and support materials. Access the content through the VET Commons ready-made content plugin.

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Virtual Reality and E-Learning – Endless Possibilities
By Darcy Nicolson

We have heard the word virtual being used increasingly since Windows 95 used it to describe aspects of computer systems interfaces.  More recently, we are hearing the term virtual reality in media. Here we take a look at virtual reality and the possible applications of this intriguing approach to education.
Photo: BagoGames (cropped) - CC BY 2.0

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Toolbox updates
Thank you!

Congratulations to Pauline Wilson, as the winner of the free Toolbox from our Vote for your favourite Toolbox competition. The votes are being combined with usage data and we will publish the list of Toolboxes that are being updated on the eWorks blog shortly. A big thank you to all the participants!

Moodle tip
Send an email to all students who have not completed a quiz

1. Go to your course.
2. In the Administration block, click Course administration > Reports > Course participation.
3. Select your quiz in the drop-down list.
4. In Show only, choose “Student” and in Actions, choose “Post”; then click Go.
5. In the list that appears, the students who have not submitted a quiz will have “No” in the Post column.
6. Select the boxes next to those you wish to message, or click on Select all ‘No’.
7. In the bottom drop-down With selected users…, choose Send message, then OK.
8. Write the message you wish to send and double check the list of currently selected users.
9. Click Preview the message.
10. If the message looks correct, select Send message.

TED talk of the month
A 12-year-old app developer

In this talk, 12 year-old Thomas Suarez speaks about how and why he taught himself to develop an app, and also how he is using his experience to help his peers become developers too.

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App of the month

Spaceteam is a multiplayer game requiring two – four players, each with their own devices, connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the aim of the game? To save your ship from disaster! Earlier this month eWorks ran a small team building session using, you guessed it, Spaceteam. With lots of laughter, shouting and a little bit of cooperation our teams managed to continue through the levels by working together.