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JULY 2014

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At last! An LMS tailored to the VET sector

Exciting new additions to the TrainingVC learning management system are making grading easier for teachers, simplifying course management for administrators, and improving user experience for everyone.

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5 Tips for designing a professional Lectora course
By Chris Dunkley

Chris, one of our awesome designers, shares some great tips for designing professional courses with Lectora. The tips are a good foundation for getting the structure and layout of your courses set up in a way that will not only produce better-looking courses, but also ones that are easier to edit and maintain.

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Toolbox of the month
Interactive Ochre

The Interactive Ochre Toolbox is designed to assist learners to build their knowledge and apply concepts and principles of cultural awareness, particularly in contexts where they are working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The content is not linked to any specific training package. However, the materials are useful in supporting the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes in areas such as equal opportunity, notably in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Can e-learning close the technology gap?
By Darcy Nicolson

"Can e-learning close the technology gap?" This question was recently asked to Darcy on LinkedIn. In this post, with the unexpected help of Minecraft, Darcy argues that the question misses the human factor, in the form of intrinsic learner motivation.

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Moodlemoot AU 2014
By Jo Norbury

At the start of the month, freshly back from Moodlemoot AU 2014, Jo shared with us her experience and highlights of the conference. More than three hundred delegates attended the event, which was held in Cairns, Queensland, from 30 June to 2 July.

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Moodle tip
Minimise use of blocks

Blocks can be very useful. However, they impact on the loading speed of course pages (especially the RSS and Comments blocks). Too many blocks can also clutter pages and confuse users. Therefore, use only blocks that are necessary.

TED talk of the month
What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd?

In this talk, Lorrie Faith Cranor relates how she managed to legally gather and study thousands of real passwords from real users. She then shares the surprising but common mistakes in choosing a password.

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App of the month

Hemingway is an online text editor focused on readability. It highlights hard sentences, adverbs, complex words and uses of the passive voice to help you simplify and improve your writing. An excellent tool, especially for teachers, bloggers and copy writers.