Equity Toolboxes for learners with specific needs

Flexible Learning Toolboxes website

Did you know that it was Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday 9 May? Are you aware that Toolboxes have been built to an international accessibility standard? Addressing these standards means a better experience for all users, with particular attention paid to users with a disability.

Equity Toolboxes

Truvision was one of the first Toolboxes built specifically for vision impaired users.¬†Others, such as Where’s the Party At? and English at Work, have been developed to meet the specific needs of youths and those wishing to develop their literacy skills.

Visit the Flexible Learning Toolboxes website to find the complete list of the Equity Toolboxes.

Toolbox Rebuilds

Web standards are constantly evolving. As a result, Toolboxes built few years ago do not always meet today’s standards. Recently, eight Toolboxes have been rebuilt to meet the current technical standards for the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

  1. Food Safety Toolbox 703
  2. Grange Care Services Toolbox 602
  3. On Your Guard Toolbox 501
  4. Workplace Trainer (Literacy and Numeracy) Toolbox 425
  5. Basic Skills in the Cybercentre Toolbox 424
  6. Kitchen Operations Toolbox 409
  7. The Virtual Warehouse Toolbox 213
  8. Chemical and Oil Refining Toolbox 204

Have you ever used an Equity Toolbox? Share your experience with us on Twitter. We’d also love to hear what you think of the newly rebuilt Toolboxes.

Improve your E-learning Capability

Are you wanting to know more about the exploding Mobile Learning landscape? Do you want to explore this in greater detail and what it means for you, your organisation and your learners?

Are you looking for the capabilities to use the Grade Book and Lessons feature in Moodle, and how you and your organisation can leverage from this?

Then eWorks’ upcoming face-to-face e-learning sessions will provide you with the knowledge, skills and technical capabilities to do just that!

  • Mobile Future: Thursday 27 September

    David Drinkall will lead these 2 sessions focussing on ways to capitalise on the powerful computers our students and trainers are carrying around with them everyday to achieve better outcomes. You will take away practical ideas for delivering content engaging learners and collecting evidence of competence using mobile technology.

  • Advanced Moodle Practices: Thursday 11 October

    eWorks Moodle officiandos, Sarah Phillips and Bernadette Parry, will guide you through the tricky activities ensuring the Grade Books and Lessons features work and how you can make the most of them for your courses and organisation.