Money management help for apprentices and trainees

ASIC’s Be MoneySmart is an online training resource developed to help VET students gain money management skills which support their future careers in small business or as contractors. eWorks has been chatting with clients about ASIC’s Be MoneySmart and they are super excited – as are we! In fact we’re thrilled to be working with ASIC to help VET students develop these essential life skills.

Online money management training

Apprentices, trainees and other VET students keen to improve their money management skills now have access to an online training resource developed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

ASIC’s Be MoneySmart resource covers five topics:

  • Saving, budgeting and spending
  • Personal tax
  • Superannuation
  • Debt management
  • Insurance.

ASIC’s Be MoneySmart was developed with assistance from the Australian Tax Office, Group Training Australia, Fair Work Building and Construction, Kangan Institute and Innovation and Business Skills Australia.

How does it work?

Students can complete any or all of the modules. To support learning, each of the five modules is accompanied by a student workbook with activities, an assessor/trainer guide and assessment tools. ASIC’s Be MoneySmart resource can also be used to support the accredited training and delivery of the Certificate III competency Be MoneySmart (FNSFLT301A) as either an imported unit of competency, as part of the Certificate III in Financial Services (FNS30111) or for general money management skills programs. Assessors and trainers don’t need to be topic experts as the resource is self-contained and has an online mentor.

The new resource is also available as a package for training organisations to include on their learning management system (LMS) with simple reporting requirements. Read on…

How did this come about?

In 2012, ASIC spoke to Australian apprentices and trainees to gauge their need and level of support for financial literacy training. Feedback confirmed most VET students and their trainers and mentors wanted simple, clear and engaging online learning in key financial areas such as tax, saving and budgeting and superannuation.

What is financial literacy?

Financial decision-making is an essential part of life. If you think about it, we make financial decisions every day – whether it’s how much to put aside for essentials, spend on a holiday, or invest in staff and equipment if we’re in business. It’s also important to be able to manage risk and avoid financial pitfalls. Regardless of our age, life-stage or circumstances, managing money and making financial decisions is intrinsic to every aspect of our lives and the lives of the people around us. Financial literacy is about having the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours to make informed financial decisions in support of financial well being. With almost every Australian owning one or more financial products and taking on greater responsibility for financial decision-making, financial literacy awareness and education is more important than ever.

Who is ASIC?

ASIC, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, is the Australian Government agency responsible for financial literacy. ASIC’s strategic priority is to promote confidence and trust in the financial system – key to this is helping Australians of all ages and at all life stages better manage their money and make informed financial decisions.

How do I get started?

ASIC’s Be MoneySmart is available free of charge in TrainingVC or Moodle with the free VET Commons plugin. Via VET Commons, educators will be able to install a full e-learning course into TrainingVC or Moodle including a student workbook, assessor guide and assessment tools. VET Commons also allows for easy access to the National Repository and other large VET content publishers. Combined with the existing ASIC MoneySmart teacher resources, this is an easy way to deliver valuable life skills to your learners, especially those entering the workforce.

‘ASIC’s Be MoneySmart resource is the next step in helping Australians of all ages and at different stages of life make confident and informed financial decisions’, said ASIC Chairman, Greg Medcraft.

Contact eWorks to learn more about accessing the VET Commons plugin.

Moodle courses on harassment and discrimination

Lion Global HR is the master distributor of Duty of Care Workplace Training Programs. Widely respected and utilized by businesses all over the world, this essential training will now be offered to the VET sector through VET Commons.

Not just videos

Lion Global HR has teamed up with eWorks to offer both videos and Moodle courses on a variety of duty of care topics including:

  • sexual harassment
  • workplace liability (email and internet)
  • bullying, and
  • workplace discrimination.

What’s in the box?

Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these resources.

Video: Workplace Liability – Internet and Email Liability Prevention

Email and the Internet increase our business productivity and efficiency but technology access and the ability to quickly respond brings hidden dangers that can create significant risk and liability if we are not careful in our approach. In this video your employees will learn about the potential risk and liability associated with electronic communications in the workplace and how these risks can seriously affect them and their organisation. By identifying and understanding these risks, employees will be better equipped to avoid liability and therefore avoid loss and damage.

Topics include:

  • Email risks and misconceptions
  • Email and internet liability issues including:
    • Copyright infringement
    • Sexual harassment
    • Discrimination
    • Bullying
    • Confidentiality breach
    • Privacy
    • Product and professional liability
    • Defamation
    • Computer viruses
    • Contractual liability and illegal activity
  • Scams and fraud
  • Vicarious liability and the legal system.

Moodle course: Office Employee

The Office Employee Moodle course provides office employees with necessary resources for professional learning and development in an office environment. Through videos, forums, surveys, quizzes and supporting documentation this course covers:

  • bullying prevention
  • introduction to sexual harassment
  • discrimination prevention, and
  • internet and email liability prevention.

Videos live and ready to use

The videos are designed to train employees about the potential risks and liabilities associated with sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace and cover the following range of topics:

  • Workplace Liability – Internet and Email Liability Prevention
  • Introduction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Office and Industrial versions)
  • Introduction to Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers (Office and Industrial versions)
  • Bullying Prevention – Employee Awareness and Response
  • Bullying Prevention – Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors and Managers
  • Discrimination Prevention – Employee Awareness and Response
  • Workplace Discrimination – Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors and Mangers

Moodle courses live and ready to use

The Moodle courses, which provide staff with the necessary resources for professional learning and development in an office environment, are tailored to the following roles:

  • Office employee Moodle course
  • Industrial employee Moodle course
  • Office manager Moodle course
  • Industrial manager Moodle course

But are they any good?

These resources were written by a senior business law specialist and are based on overriding legal principles. They have been designed to keep you and your organisation out of court – not out of pocket.

To access these titles, plus an enormous range of free and paid ready-made content directly from your Moodle, join the VET Commons community today.

Practical videos for online training delivery

Training Snippets is an online library of mini-videos that can be used to demonstrate workplace health and safety procedures, business development and soft skills. Using mini-videos for your safety training means clear, focused messages to your users, rather than long, drawn-out videos where the key points can get lost.

This first VET Commons release of content from Training Snippets offers the following demonstration videos of manual handling techniques, basic first aid and forklift operation:

Training Snippets

  1. Carrying Box Through Doorway
  2. Housekeeping: Clean Office Equipment
  3. Desk Posture
  4. Keep Pathways Clear
  5. Forklift: Pre-Operational Checks (Gas) – Combined
  6. Forklift: Pre-Operational Checks (Electric) – Combined
  7. Forklift: Picking Up A Pallet From The Floor
  8. Forklift: Picking A Pallet From Above Head Height
  9. Forklift: Loading A Pallet Onto A Truck Tray
  10. Forklift: Picking A Pallet From A Truck Tray
  11. Safely Retrieving Boxes From Courier Van
  12. Retrieving Parcel From Courier Van Side Door
  13. Carrying Parcels From Courier Van
  14. First Aid: Conscious Casualty
  15. First Aid: Introducing DRSABCD
  16. First Aid: Minor Scalds
  17. First Aid: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  18. First Aid: Snake Bite
  19. Truck Safety: Pre-Operational Checks.

To access these Training Snippets videos, plus an enormous range of free and paid ready-made content directly from your Moodle, join the VET Commons community today.

New Offering from Cengage Learning

VET Commons

A new offering from Cengage Learning sees ten of their top vocational titles available as fully populated Moodle courses through the VET Commons ready-made content plugin.

This means teachers can purchase the Moodle course, upload it into their own Moodle and have their students working through the course and assessments with no extra work required.

  1. Electrical Principles course (PDF, 4.48 MB)
  2. Professional Beauty Therapy course (PDF, 5.60 MB)
  3. Professional Chef course (PDF, 5.18 MB)
  4. Bookkeeping & Accounting Essentials course (PDF, 8.66 MB)
  5. Essential Clinical Skills for Enrolled / Div. 2 Nurses course (PDF, 5.62 MB)
  6. Programming and Planning in Early Childhood Settings course (PDF, 5.90 MB)
  7. Automotive Air Conditioning course (PDF, 4.36 MB)
  8. WHS: A Management Guide course (PDF, 5.26 MB)
  9. MGMT2 course (PDF, 5.38 MB)
  10. MKTG2 course (PDF, 5.51 MB)

The Cengage team prides itself on delivering competency based learning materials to you and your students, providing content that is easily accessible and current to the training packages.

These populated Moodle courses contain all the theoretical key components needed for the course, alongside an abundance of support materials for instructors, including instructor manuals,  test banks, customisable PowerPoint presentations, equipment lists, chapter summaries, solution manuals, activity sheets, glossaries, videos and so much more.

Vocational & Professional Group - Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, software and services provider  for the academic, vocational, professional, ELT and library markets worldwide. Their focus is on engaging with instructors and learners, both in the classroom and beyond, to ensure the most effective product design, learning solutions and personalised services is at the centre  of what they do.

Access the content today through the VET Commons ready-made content plugin.