TrainingVC Request for Tender

TrainingVC - Training Virtual Campus

Software as a Service Provider
TrainingVC Request for Tender

eWorks – a leading provider of e-learning services throughout Australia is seeking responses to this Request for Tender (RFT) TVC13.01 to provide the applications and data hosting, maintenance and technical and consultative support for the TrainingVC.

TrainingVC is underpinned by the open source learning management system Moodle and features an integrated system of software applications, workflow tools and learning resources, delivered over the internet as Software as a Service (SaaS) to subscriber organisations. The current applications include: Equella, Mahara, Wimba Voice Tools, Big Blue Button and WizIQ. As needs change and evolve it is expected that these applications may also change.

eWorks currently provides the TrainingVC and a training and support service to over 200 public and private enterprises nationwide to deliver over 6,000 e-learning programs to more than 120,000 students & employees.

The initial term of the new contract arrangement is for three (3) years.

Responses to the Tender must be lodged by 5pm (EDT) Monday 12th August, 2013.

Visit the tender page to download the complete Request for Tender.

Offline Activity in Moodle

Today, one of our clients (Geoff from Wodonga TAFE) asked us on Twitter: “Where do you find offline assignments in Moodle 2.2?”

When adding new activities to a course you get an option to add offline activities in the left menu:

Thanks to Eric Kuncoro for the solution.