Technology Voucher Program

The Victorian State Government has announced funding for technology hardware. The program is described as follows:

“The Technology Voucher Program has been developed by the Victorian Government to drive the use of cutting edge technologies and to support Victorian companies to compete locally and globally. […] It provides responsive and nimble funding for businesses wanting to explore the use of  technology to create more competitive products and processes.”

“The Technology Voucher Program helps companies to adopt and develop new technologies by providing a voucher that can be exchanged for access to facilities, goods, services, advice or expertise provided by other companies or publicly funded organisations.”

“The program specifically targets the development, adoption and integration of information and communication technology, industrial biotechnology and small technologies (nano and micro scale technologies) by businesses.”

“The Technology Voucher Program replaces and expands on the highly successful Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP).”

Source: Technology Voucher Program, Business Victoria.

Photo: Sainsburys Active Kids vouchers, by HowardLake on flickr.

Learning is in the Air!

Bronwyn Lapham, the senior technical officer here at eWorks, recently spoke with Keeli Cambourne of the Sydney Morning Herald for an article called ‘Learning is in the air‘. This article talks about an exciting cloud-computing project using the NBN in New South Wales.

“A classroom in the cloud sounds like the stuff of fantasy but for students and staff at TAFE New England Institute, the concept is only weeks away from becoming a reality,” introduces Keeli.

The project, called Cloud 9, takes “advantage of the opportunities afforded by access to high-speed broadband”, continues Keeli.

Bronwyn adds that “for rural and regional students and employers, […] Cloud 9 will make huge productivity improvements.” She then gives a more detailed explanation of the actual and potential benefits of the project for Australian education.