Customising text in Moodle emails

Bernadette ParryBernadette Parry is the Client Support Coordinator at eWorks. Her role involves juggling all sorts of client-focused tasks including start-up TVC training, advanced Moodle training and support desk services. A self-confessed Moodle ‘geek’, Bernadette loves to discover new ways to navigate and make the most of Moodle. Today she shares some tips for customising text in emails sent from Moodle.

Are you happy with the emails sent to your students and teachers from Moodle?

Moodle sends emails for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Welcome
  • Password reset
  • Password confirmation
  • Assignment submitted notification
  • Assignment graded notification
  • Quiz attempt overdue

…and many others.

What if you wanted to change the text content of these emails to suit your organisation?

How to customise the text

From the language customisation area you can change the text of any email sent by Moodle.

  1. Go to Administration > Site administration > Language > Language customisation
  2. Select all items in the ‘Show strings of these components’ box (to do this select one of the components then press Ctrl-A (or Command-A on Mac) to select the entire list. Alternatively you can select the first item, hold the Shift key, then select the last item to select the entire list).
  3. Next you need to search for the text you want to change. In this example I am changing the text sent out when a new user is created, so I searched for ‘account has been created for’.
  4. Select Show strings
  5. You will usually only get one string – if more are found, just choose the one you want.
  6. Make your changes.Perhaps it really bothers you that there are a couple of full stops missing. Maybe you want to add a contact email address or just change the text to suit your organisation.Whatever your requirements it’s a good idea to start by copying the text into an external editor (perhaps Notepad) for editing before pasting the updated content back into the box for Local customisation.
  7. When you’re happy with your changes, select Save changes to the language pack.
  8. Test your changes!

But wait, there’s more!

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