Visually track your learners’ progress

bernadette-parry-headshotBernadette Parry is the Client Support Coordinator at eWorks. Her role involves juggling all sorts of client-focused tasks including start-up TrainingVC training, advanced Moodle training and support desk services. Have you ever thought about using Moodle’s Progress Bar block to keep an eye on how your learners are progressing through their courses? Bernadette tells us how to do it.

Are your students engaged?

The Progress Bar block in Moodle is a fabulous way to visually track progress through courses. Learners can see how they are progressing through the course, and teachers can see how their students are progressing. This is important, both as a motivational tool for students and a measure of engagement for teachers.

This is what a teacher sees

Overall view

  • When the teachers click on Overview of students in the Progress Bar block

  • They will see a visual overview of what the learners have completed.
  • The teacher can also select particular learners and send them a personal message to let them know they need to do some work, or congratulate them on how much they have completed.

This is what a learner sees

Learners will see the activities they need to complete in the Progress Bar block. As they move the mouse over the coloured blocks, they will see what each block represents. Learners only sees their own information. Clicking on the coloured boxes will take the learner to the activity.

On the My home page, learners will see all progress bars for any courses they are enrolled in. The course name will appear above the appropriate progress bar. By clicking on any of the coloured boxes, the learner will be taken straight to the activity.

Setting up your progress bar

1. Set up completion for your activities and resources (show completion settings)

Make sure that any activities or resources you want to track have completion settings set.

Example for a Chat activity

2. Add a progress bar to the course

  • In the course, turn on editing
  • Add a block> Progress Bar
  • Click on ‘Select Activities/resources’ in the Progress Bar block
  • Select all the activities that you want the users to monitor (usually all assessed items).
  • Choose ‘yes’ and the ‘action’.
  • Save

You will see a visual representation of the activities completed. The completed ones are usually green, and incomplete are purple. The teacher can see an overview of all student progress by clicking on ‘Overview of students’.

3. Add the Progress Bar block to My Home

As an administrator in your site:

  • Go to Administration> Site administration> Appearances> Default My home page
  • Click on Blocks editing on so you can edit this page
  • Add the Progress Bar block
  • Ignore the message ‘No activities or resources are being monitored. Use config to set up monitoring.’ The learners will see their own activities if there are progress bars set up in any course they are enrolled in.

Test this by logging on as a student and teacher and checking their My home page. For this to display correctly, you need at least one course that your students are enrolled in to have a Progress Bar correctly set up.

4. (Optional) when users log in, send them straight to the My home page

As an administrator in your site:

  • Go to Administration> Site administration> Appearance> Navigation.
  • Set the first setting Default home page for users to My home.

Note that in this example there is no progress bar block in the course Bernadette Testing.

All good to go!

It’s time to start monitoring your learners, making it as easy as possible for them to succeed in their studies. Let us know if you need a hand.