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Jo NorburyJo manages a range of e-learning content services including Flexible Learning Toolboxes and the VET Commons online community. It’s good news as usual from Jo today, with more excellent resources published in VET Commons. And, even better, they are all entirely free.

New, interactive learning resources in VET Commons

eWorks has recently published five brand new, free, interactive learning resources in VET Commons. Covering a range of sustainability topics, the resources contain hundreds of pages of quiz content, assessments, images, downloadable references and multimedia – all entirely free. The content really speaks for itself.

1. Large scale solar heating/cooling systems

Everything you need to know about solar energy, how it is used to heat and cool, together with safe use of these systems and what to do when things go wrong. Part of the competency VU20472, these resources help to determine the characteristics of large-scale solar heating/cooling systems to be applied by technicians involved in servicing and maintaining them. The principles and operation of these systems, together with the unique safety aspects associated with their immediate environment are also covered.

  • Understanding solar energy: This learning object covers the fundamentals of solar heating/cooling systems, and provides an overview of solar electricity production.
  • Solar heating and cooling systems: This learning object looks at the components of large-scale solar heating/cooling systems, including thermal systems, and photovoltaic systems used to generate power that can then be used for heating/cooling.
  • Safety features: This learning object examines the safety features of large-scale solar heating/cooling systems.
  • Troubleshooting: This learning object considers troubleshooting issues for large-scale solar heating/cooling systems, including the identification of system problems and how to resolve typical system problems.

wind turbine history

2. Wind turbine operation and safety

Part of the competency VU20467, these resources evaluate large wind turbine operation and safety to be applied by technicians involved in servicing and maintaining large wind turbines at wind farms.

  • Modern wind turbines: This learning object provides an overview of wind farms with large wind turbines.
  • Wind turbine systems: This learning object looks at the systems and components in large wind turbines.
  • Safety features: This learning object looks at maintenance requirements of wind turbines, and safety issues when working on wind turbines.
  • Troubleshooting: This learning object looks at troubleshooting faults in wind turbines.

wind turbine components

3. Conduct annual functional testing of complex water-based fire suppression systems

Compliance, health and safety inspections and testing – these learning objects have you covered.

  • Compliance requirements: This learning object introduces legislative and organisational requirements, record keeping, and defects.
  • Inspections: This learning object discusses possible occupational health and safety issues during inspections, checks for compliance, inspections themselves, and recording information after completing your inspection.
  • Testing and results: This learning object looks at occupational health and safety issues involved with testing, yearly functional testing, test methods, testing complex components, documenting your results, and reinstating the system after concluding your test.

4. Applying Energy Efficient LED Lighting Principles

How they work, why they should be used, and how to maintain them – everything LED.

  • Determine requirements: This learning object will build up an understanding of how LEDs work, their potential energy savings, and how to best promote their use in lighting applications.
  • Promote LED: This learning object considers how to best promote the use of LED lighting in lighting applications.
  • LED maintenance: For this topic you will learn more about maintaining LEDs and how to create an LED maintenance plan for your client.

5. Install HVAC control systems

What are HVAC control systems and how do you efficiently install them according to design specifications?

  • HVAC basics: In this learning object, you will begin to learn the basics of HVAC, including an initial understanding of how to install HVAC control systems. HVAC controls, how split systems work, interface basic controls, and evaluating automatic control systems will also be covered.
  • Design specifications: This learning object covers HVAC central control systems – central controls, drawings, inputs and outputs, and meters.
  • Installation prep: This learning object starts to detail HVAC output equipment. While completing this section, you will begin to understand more about various kinds of output equipment, including fans and motors, critical applications, VSD control, air and water control, and wiring systems.
  • Installation: This learning object will continue to look at HVAC output equipment, including cover controls, systems, and chillers.
  • Commissioning: In this learning object we will consider how to commission a building, covering the steps you would need to take in a real-world scenario.

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