Who gives a Moodle about learner engagement? Auditors!

Jo Norbury

Jo manages a range of e-learning content services including Flexible Learning Toolboxes and the VET Commons online community. An enthusiastic and passionate e-learning advocate, Jo specialises in design and delivery that focuses on take-up, usability and engagement – so helping learners to learn. But how do we measure this learning and provide evidence to auditors quickly and easily?

Once upon a time…

in a pen and paper land far, far away, no-one had heard of Moodle and teaching meant face-to-face in a classroom. Nowadays not only are trainers expected to put their courses online and offer a blended delivery approach, they also need to demonstrate:

  • learner access
  • attendance, usage, and
  • engagement.

But how do you find engaging content, use it to engage your learners and then prove you did it?

A modern learning strategy

The demands and expectations on training and delivery are higher than ever before. But that’s okay – we have digital learning! Predictions, forecasts and trends discussed in multiple reports suggest that in 2015 98% of organisations will use e-learning courses as part of their learning strategy, and that by 2016 98% of organisations will use video. In the new IoT (Internet of Things) smart devices capture everything. Smarty-pants Moodle can track everything too, but if the data isn’t there our poor friend Moodle has nothing to capture!

How to engage and prove it

Keeping your auditors happy without spending all of your time doing it is about making sure you have a delivery system with trackability functionality and then getting it set up properly from the start. Here are just a few factors you might like to consider:

  • What are the main engagement metrics?
  • Which activities can be used to demonstrate engagement (and which can’t)?
  • How to source and use engaging content (including videos).
  • How to use the SAMR Model (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) to transform tasks into engaging activities.
  • How to track and ‘prove’ engagement in general.

Are you going to Moodlemoot 2015?

Don’t miss Jo’s presentation about all of this on the final day of the event, Wednesday 8 July. Now is your chance to:

  • find out whether you’re doing what you need to be doing
  • how to do it if you’re not, and
  • share ideas with peers.

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