A humanist approach to health and safety at last!

Annabel Dawson

Annabel Dawson is the project and custom manager for the higher education and vocational professional group at Cengage Learning. Annabel’s love for the world of academic publishing has only increased with the release of this humanistic approach to management, with an emphasis on health and safety. Whether you’re after a presentation on a specific topic, a chapter or the entire book, here is a little peak at what you will find inside.

A new perspective on health and safety

WHS: A Management Guide, 4e is now available to purchase through VET Commons by specific presentation, chapter or the entire book. The updated edition takes a humanist approach to management, attempting to go beyond the accepted understanding of health and safety as a form of risk management. While the concept of risk management lies at its core, WHS: A Management Guide, 4e consider how the workplace can satisfy human needs as much as organisational objectives. Only when we step beyond safety and speak not just of physical health, but also of psychological and social needs, do we begin to see what vital, active working lives can be.

Cover of the 4th edition of WHS: A Management Guide

The legal stuff

In the previous edition of WHS: A Management Guide, the Model Work Health and Safety Act made its introduction. Harmonisation of the law has been achieved in all major jurisdictions except for Victoria and Western Australia. However, Victoria’s Act closely resembles the Model Act and the differences in Western Australia are largely procedural. In effect, most businesses are operating under a national system. This book uses the model WHS Act and is also based on health and safety best practice principles applicable to all Australian workplaces.

Key revisions to this edition

The latest edition encompasses many revisions, particularly the chapters on consultation and management systems. It has also been generally improved – simplified wherever possible and the content modified to include up to date examples and case studies. Special attention has also been made to supplement the text with effective easy-to-use online resources for teachers. The text addresses the following qualifications:

  • BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety
  • BSB51312 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
  • BSB60612 Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety

What other Cengage resources are in VET Commons?

Good question!

Brand new Moodle course

A brand new free Moodle course to support the delivery of WHS: A Management Guide, 4e has also just been launched.

Each topic in the course is supported by the following resources

  • Chapter text from WHS: A Management Guide, 4e
  • YouTube videos and activities
  • Web links
  • Instructor manuals
  • PowerPoint slides

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