Updated Toolboxes you can view on your iPad

Flexible Learning Toolboxes are stand-alone e-learning resources that cover a large range of topics, from aged care to plumbing and horticulture to food safety. Teachers and trainers can use more than 120 Toolboxes, helping them to deliver approximately 190 qualifications and supporting over 2,000 units of competency from a wide range of nationally-endorsed training packages. Three Toolboxes have just been updated and the learning objects added to the National VET Content repository. Take a look today.

Why are Toolboxes being updated?

The main purpose of this round of updates is to make Toolboxes viewable on iPad by removing Flash, a format that E-standards for Training does not recommend for delivery of learner content in the VET sector.

The development of Toolboxes has been managed by eWorks with ongoing funding and support from the National VET E-learning Strategy since 2000. This funding ensures:

  • a program of maintenance of content in the repository to ensure consistency with current versions of training packages, and
  • technical maintenance of the Toolboxes.
Homepage of the Interactive Ochre Toolbox (907)

Screenshot of the homepage of the Interactive Ochre Toolbox (907)

How was it decided which Toolboxes would be updated?

A detailed review process was undertaken to determine which Toolboxes should be included in the maintenance project. The review consisted of:

  • an opportunity for Toolbox users to vote for their preferred Toolbox update
  • an analysis of reported Toolbox functionality issues, and
  • an analysis of Toolbox sales, usage and website analytics.

Based upon this review it was decided that three Toolboxes would be updated and the learning objects added to the National VET Content repository.

What do the updates mean?

Upgrading to HTML5 and removing Flash has several benefits in addition to facilitating viewing of Toolboxes on iPad:

  1. The Toolboxes are more accessible (with the new HTML5 accessible media player).
  2. The Toolboxes can be better maintained technically moving forward.
  3. The Toolboxes can be split into free learning objects.

Which Toolboxes have been updated?

  • The 907 Interactive Ochre Toolbox has been significantly updated to support its use on iPad, and has been disaggregated into seven new learning objects available for free via the National VET Content repository. The rebuild included updating all content to meet the current technical standards, including accessibility.
  • The 14.02 Build Green Toolbox has also been updated to allow these resources to be used on iPad. The two learning objects are free to download from the National VET Content repository.
  • 602 Community Services Toolbox has been newly packaged into twelve learning objects. These objects are also free to download from the National VET Content repository.
Learning object of the Build Green Toolbox (14.02)

Screenshot of a learning object from the Build Green Toolbox (14.02)

What’s next?

A review of the Horticulture Toolboxes, (605 Amenity Horticulture, 304 Horticulture, 507 Conservation and Land Management, and 408 Turf Management) was undertaken to map to the current Horticulture Training Package – AHC10. This review will result in updated teacher guides, content and technical compliance of these Toolboxes in the 2015 maintenance schedule.

Distribution and access will be improved by the implementation of further advanced searching and browse functionality on the National VET Content resources. Direct access to content and discoverability from learner management systems will also be improved as a result.

Questions, comments, queries or concerns about Flexible Learning Toolboxes and the National VET Content repository? Contact us.