Workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination

Marlene Liontis, eWorks Accredited Consultant

Marlene Liontis, Director of Lion Global HR Pty Ltd, has just joined eWorks’ team of Accredited Consultants. The Consultant Program allows us to work with industry thought leaders to champion our award-winning learning solutions. Below Marlene warns us of the implications of workplace bullying, and tells us how to avoid getting into hot water in the first place.

Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen

No workplace is immune to workplace bullying, defined as “repeated and persistent negative behaviour, directed at an employee, that creates a risk to workplace health and safety.” [source] As well as having a detrimental effect on productivity and psychological health, it is extremely destructive to organisational culture. It is therefore critical that we do everything we can to minimise it.

Are you aware of the consequences?

Did you know that employers, supervisors and managers can be held legally responsible for acts of bullying against their employees, contractors and agents? This is known as vicarious liability, a legal term to describe being held responsible for the acts of another person.

It’s time to skill up!

Duty of Care Pty Ltd are specialist producers of workplace training programmes on the subjects of workplace bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, internet and email liability prevention. Written and produced by a senior business law specialist, these programmes have been designed to keep you and your organisation out of court and not out of pocket. They are based on overriding fundamental legal principles and can be used in most legal jurisdictions. Dedicated versions for supervisors/managers and employees are also available.

Where can you get your hands on it?

Lion Global HR Pty Ltd are the global master distributors for Duty of Care workplace training programmes ©. Our passion is HR best practice and we have dedicated the last twelve years to making these highly regarded programmes available all over the world. We do this via a network of distributors and agents in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. We are very excited about joining the incredible team at eWorks and making these programmes available to a new audience.

Ask me today how you and your organisation can minimise workplace bullying and avoid liability.

Remember – Ignorance is no defence, training is!

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