Learning culture, 70:20:10 and digital transformations

Darcy Nicolson talking with an attendee at the Learning@Work conference

This year was the first year that eWorks both attended and sponsored the Learning@Work conference in Sydney in October 2014. We take conference sponsorship pretty seriously here at eWorks, as we feel that it is important to support events that promote the latest strategies, developments and technologies underpinning training. But eWorks consists of a bunch of e-learning experts – so why bother with a learning and development conference?

What is Learning@Work?

Learning@Work is Australia’s largest independently organised L&D conference and Australia’s only L&D trade show focused exclusively on technology for L&D Managers. The event brings together learning and development (L&D) directors and practitioners, human resource (HR) directors and practitioners, training providers and recruitment companies.

The agenda this year followed a number of important themes, including how social media and mobile learning will accelerate workplace learning and development. It also offered L&D and HR professionals an ideal platform to discuss the growing role of technology to transform the workplace.

Main topics covered were:

  • Building a learning culture
  • 70:20:10 and beyond
  • Collaboration and learning with social media
  • m-learning
  • Getting into the mind of the working learner.

What did eWorks’ staff say about the event?

“It was great talking with the Learning@work crowd, hearing their excitement about new technologies and processes that will underlie future training projects,” says Darcy Nicolson, e-learning consultant at eWorks.

MOOCs were again a hot topic, as was gamification, and the discussions we had at the eWorks stand centred around how to apply these theories to learning program design,” says Darcy.

Why did eWorks sponsor an L&D conference?

Back now to that question of why we sponsored the event. Well first of all, we’re all about making learning easier, more convenient and more efficient through technology – both for the learner and the organisation delivering the training.

Secondly, we’re not just technology experts who sit around talking about the latest developments in digital learning systems. We have really cool solutions to help you get started. We even develop your online content. Here is a bit of a spiel but in fact we offer a flexible solution (TVC Enterprise) specifically designed for learning and development management, like:

  • Individual learning plans to reflect employee roles, training needs and objectives
  • Compliance and assessment management plus business analytics and reporting
  • Facilities to track on-the-job training, guide development and assess progress towards career and company goals.

See you at Learning@Work next year. In the meantime, if you have any questions about digital learning management, do get in touch.