Practical videos for online training delivery

Training Snippets is an online library of mini-videos that can be used to demonstrate workplace health and safety procedures, business development and soft skills. Using mini-videos for your safety training means clear, focused messages to your users, rather than long, drawn-out videos where the key points can get lost.

This first VET Commons release of content from Training Snippets offers the following demonstration videos of manual handling techniques, basic first aid and forklift operation:

Training Snippets

  1. Carrying Box Through Doorway
  2. Housekeeping: Clean Office Equipment
  3. Desk Posture
  4. Keep Pathways Clear
  5. Forklift: Pre-Operational Checks (Gas) – Combined
  6. Forklift: Pre-Operational Checks (Electric) – Combined
  7. Forklift: Picking Up A Pallet From The Floor
  8. Forklift: Picking A Pallet From Above Head Height
  9. Forklift: Loading A Pallet Onto A Truck Tray
  10. Forklift: Picking A Pallet From A Truck Tray
  11. Safely Retrieving Boxes From Courier Van
  12. Retrieving Parcel From Courier Van Side Door
  13. Carrying Parcels From Courier Van
  14. First Aid: Conscious Casualty
  15. First Aid: Introducing DRSABCD
  16. First Aid: Minor Scalds
  17. First Aid: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  18. First Aid: Snake Bite
  19. Truck Safety: Pre-Operational Checks.

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