New Offering from Cengage Learning

VET Commons

A new offering from Cengage Learning sees ten of their top vocational titles available as fully populated Moodle courses through the VET Commons ready-made content plugin.

This means teachers can purchase the Moodle course, upload it into their own Moodle and have their students working through the course and assessments with no extra work required.

  1. Electrical Principles course (PDF, 4.48 MB)
  2. Professional Beauty Therapy course (PDF, 5.60 MB)
  3. Professional Chef course (PDF, 5.18 MB)
  4. Bookkeeping & Accounting Essentials course (PDF, 8.66 MB)
  5. Essential Clinical Skills for Enrolled / Div. 2 Nurses course (PDF, 5.62 MB)
  6. Programming and Planning in Early Childhood Settings course (PDF, 5.90 MB)
  7. Automotive Air Conditioning course (PDF, 4.36 MB)
  8. WHS: A Management Guide course (PDF, 5.26 MB)
  9. MGMT2 course (PDF, 5.38 MB)
  10. MKTG2 course (PDF, 5.51 MB)

The Cengage team prides itself on delivering competency based learning materials to you and your students, providing content that is easily accessible and current to the training packages.

These populated Moodle courses contain all the theoretical key components needed for the course, alongside an abundance of support materials for instructors, including instructor manuals,  test banks, customisable PowerPoint presentations, equipment lists, chapter summaries, solution manuals, activity sheets, glossaries, videos and so much more.

Vocational & Professional Group - Cengage Learning

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Access the content today through the VET Commons ready-made content plugin.