Mahara 1.9 upgrade pending

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Update: eWorks is pleased to announce that the TrainingVC e-portfolio feature has been upgraded to Mahara 1.9.2.

TrainingVC is a fast, reliable and low-cost learning management platform that provides users with a seamless learning experience. But our clients do not always unlock the full feature set of the system. This may be due to a strategic focus on a specific set of requirements, or an incomplete understanding of the system capabilities and their value. It’s a little like owning an amazing camera with a bunch of functions that you never use—with just a quick look at the manual you might be surprised by the difference those attributes can make to both your experience and the experience of your clients.

A good example is how often the integrated e-portfolio application, Mahara goes under the radar. Mahara is an extremely powerful e-portfolio system, which offers support to learners in many ways. eWorks’ clients use this feature to:

  • Manage recognition of prior learning (RPL) and assessment evidence
  • Manage learner CVs and resumes
  • Organise wide networks for current learners, staff and alumni
  • Facilitate reflective journals
  • Create group assignment hubs.

Upcoming improvements in Mahara 1.9

An e-portfolio provides the perfect opportunity to add value for your users, and with an upgrade to Mahara version 1.9 pending, the following improvements will shortly be available to TrainingVC clients:

  • Full-text search support for MySQL with Elasticsearch
  • A series of accessibility improvements to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
  • Feedback feature to give and receive feedback on portfolio pages
  • Profile completion progress bar, to encourage users to provide their full details
  • Spam protection enhancements and improved security in general
  • Support for Creative Commons 4.0
  • Enhanced file sorting function in the Folder block: ascending or descending, with an option to set the default sort order
  • Option to download an entire folder of files as a ZIP file.

We will keep you updated on this upgrade. For more information, please contact us or follow us on Twitter.