At last! A learning management system tailored to the VET sector

Exciting new additions to the TrainingVC learning management system are making grading easier for teachers, simplifying course management for administrators, and improving user experience for everyone.

TrainingVC logo

Teachers can:

  • Review and provide inline feedback by annotating PDF files within browsers
  • Allocate student assignments to different markers, and control when marks are released to individual students
  • Provide improved feedback for learners through certainty-based marking in quizzes
  • Quickly edit course activities and resources across all devices
  • Easily add a single activity course format.

Administrators enjoy:

  • Creating and managing bulk courses more efficiently
  • Simpler course and category management
  • Creating additional name fields
  • Convenient import/export using XML files
  • The option to restore large courses.

Everyone loves:

  • A user-friendly TinyMCE editor with improved file management
  • Easy access to Microsoft SkyDrive files
  • Improved calendar handling with multiple calendar support
  • Simplified username and password recovery
  • Better responsive design across devices.

Times are changing…

Over the past 18 months, a significant shift has taken place in the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Open source software delivered via the cloud has been embraced due to greater recognition of the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of this approach. TrainingVC is the learning management system for the Australian VET sector. It is a powerful integration of the world’s leading open source EdTech applications, including:

  • Moodle
  • Alfresco
  • Mahara
  • BigBlueButton.

And now, as a standard inclusion, it also offers a search-and-deploy integration with the VET sector’s learning content marketplace, VETCommons.

Purpose-built and Australian-designed and hosted, it represents the next generation of learning management systems, offering features that simply are not available in traditional systems. For more information about the new features available, MoodleHQ provides an excellent Moodle 2.6 feature video library.