Splash, Toolbox of the Month

The Splash Toolbox has been created to support the flexible delivery of the Certificate 1 in Water Sustainability. It provides a pathway into the water industry for, in particular, young people who are seeking an opportunity to gain experience of the industry while developing a set of valuable employability skills.

The Toolbox is designed for delivery either as a whole training course, in small sections, or as single units of competency. It can be used to assist in face-to-face teaching or for remote or online learning.

The Toolbox provides multiple learning pathways, which enable targeted delivery to suit learners’ needs.

The Toolbox has been designed according to these three main objectives:

  1. Practical tasks where the learner is encouraged to take responsibility for his/her own learning. Learners are given guidance to complete a practical task and access the appropriate resources to carry it out.
  2. Flexibility, providing you with more options for using the Toolbox to suit the different needs of your learners. Collaborative activities are included as part of the Toolbox content, including discussion topics and teamwork activities.
  3. Different learning pathways are offered, with learners being given the opportunity to complete structured activities or to progress straight to the project depending on their levels of prior knowledge.

Who is Splash for?

The diverse nature of the candidates undertaking this qualification may include students undertaking VET in Schools programs or people involved in other forms of pre-employment or early-employment programs.

A second learner cohort is mature-aged learners who may be seeking a formal qualification to align with volunteer work that they are doing. For this reason the Toolbox is structured so that learners with experience can proceed directly to the tasks or the practice activities followed by the projects, without first progressing through the Prepare sections. Learners with experience also have the option to check their suitability for recognition of prior learning (RPL) by following the express pathway link.

To purchase the Toolbox, or for the complete list of Flexible Learning Toolboxes, please visit the National VET Content website.