4 tips for managing content development projects

eWorks’ content development team offers some words of wisdom about managing e-learning content development projects.

Managing the development of e-learning content can be a challenging balancing act of educational outcomes, interactivity and aesthetics, and technical considerations. Even the simplest course can contain hundreds of ‘moving parts’ where problems may occur, entailing additional time, work and costs. Here are a couple of handy hints for managers of content projects to help keep things on track.

Sample content development modules built by eWorks

1. Define your client’s requirements comprehensively

Your clients may be within your own organisation or an external customer, and their requirements feed into all aspects of a content project. Challenges typically arise when the requirements of your client’s stakeholders (e.g. managers, end-users and sub-committees) arise in the late stages in the project, entailing considerable re-work. If possible, it is therefore best to involve and understand the requirements of all stakeholders who are likely to have a say in the project in the early stages to avoid any surprises later on.

2. Identify and solve issues early

In nearly all cases, it is far quicker (and cheaper) to make changes to the different elements of a course at an early stage. You don’t want to get to the end of a 20-module course and discover an issue that needs to be rectified 20 times!

3. Minimise the guessing game

Never assume that your client or their stakeholders know what you are thinking, or that they can visualise how the end product is going to look. Developing mock-ups and prototypes is a great way to help your client understand the project outputs and make sure you’re on the right track.

4. Know when to stop

Content projects can be as long as a piece of string and the challenge can sometimes be knowing when to call it a day. Agreeing a detailed project scope and timelines at the commencement of a project (see point 1) will make this simple.

Whether you are updating an existing program, searching for ready-made content, or starting from scratch, eWorks can help. Contact us for a free interactive sample or to discuss your content needs.