eWorks launches new training schedule

eWorks has recently launched its new training schedule for the first half of 2014. The program consists of a range of events that will both:

  • guide new users through a wide range of introductory topics on best practice e-learning delivery, and
  • help those who have already taken their first steps into digital delivery to go even further.

Here is an overview of the topics on offer, delivered in webinar style from 30min to 1h:

[Free] Introduction to e-learning

This session is for people who are considering adding e-learning options to their delivery mix. It will cover popular technologies and best practices and provide a strategic check list to get you started.

[Free] Live Delivery in Moodle with BigBlueButton

In this session you’ll get an initial introduction to synchronous, digital delivery using an online virtual classroom as a Moodle activity. The session will explore the features and potential of Big Blue Button functionality when your message will require webcam and other inclusive, live interactions. Deliver to attendees across town or in another country with this exciting new tool.

[Free] TrainingVC Update

Covering the latest update of TrainingVC’s popular learning management system, this webinar will provide information on new features and provide some examples of the best practices when using an LMS.

Starting out with Moodle 2

Join this session to find out about the most popular learning management system, Moodle. Beginning with a background and overview, the session will cover basics such as courses, users, how to add content, and basic assessment tools and reports.

Evidence requirements gathering using your LMS

See examples of using the popular Moodle and Totara learning management systems for evidence gathering, and discover what reporting features you need in an LMS in order to satisfy different audit requirements.

Video Basics: Pre-production and Production

This webinar will help attendees avoid some of the common mistakes, and provide a checklist of things to consider when setting up and shooting video. A non-technical session aimed at teachers wanting to create their own videos using any kind of camera.

Video Basics: Post-production and Accessibility

Attendees will learn the steps necessary to take a piece of video from their digital camera (or smartphone) to the web. We’ll cover editing, compression, accessibility requirements and publishing.

Have a burning question about e-learning? We’d love to hear from our readers on topics they’d like to see in our training program for the second half of 2014. Tweet us your ideas @eworkstweets with the #eworkstraining hashtag, or contact us on enquiries@eworks.edu.au with the subject Training idea. If you prefer, you can also use our contact form.

For more information and to book sessions, please visit the training page.