Animation, award-winning Toolbox of the Month

The fictional 'Lightbox Animation' studio

The Animation Toolbox has been developed for RTO’s to use as a resource to support delivery of seven competencies towards Certificate II and III in Screen Production (Animation Strand).

This Toolbox is designed to provide both background information for the animation production process as a whole, and information, demonstrations and activities for building the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out specific tasks within the animation industry.

The philosophy underpinning the design of the Animation Toolbox is that learning is made authentic and relevant by being placed in context. The Toolbox uses a simulated animation studio, Lightbox Animation, as the setting. Knowledge is contextualised by linking concepts and resources to the relevant personnel in the animation studio. The presentation of material relating to a job closely mirrors what might happen in a real animation studio.

There are two basic ways the learner may approach the content.

  • In the Studio Tour mode, the learner has open access to the various resources and instructional materials. There is comprehensive content coverage with demonstration clips and examples.
  • In the Apprentice mode, the learner undertakes a series of typical animation studio style jobs, each of which corresponds to a competency. Six of the seven jobs represent the stages of a single major project (to produce a TV commercial). Whilst each job is self-contained, the jobs are linked through the project focus, shared resources and the personnel involved. The jobs are realistic and a tangible end product is produced on completion.

The 405 Animation Toolbox was the 2002 winner of the Asia Pacific National ICT Awards for Excellence in e-learning.

To purchase the Toolbox, or for the complete list of Flexible Learning Toolboxes, please visit the National VET Content website.