Top 5 reasons our customers choose the TrainingVC


eWorks’ TrainingVC customers are not limited to the VET sector alone. As businesses become aware of the functionality of this integrated learning management platform, our clients are coming from increasingly diverse sectors and departments. And this is why:

#5. To prove compliance with quality reporting

Organisations are accountable for their training both internally and externally. Authenticated learner activity through the TrainingVC tracks and reports learning activity.

#4. To exceed customer expectations

Today’s adult learners expect anywhere, anytime access to learning. eWorks’ TrainingVC provides organisations with the ability to create, access and deliver high-quality learning resources to learners … live and on demand.

#3. To provide an effective system to grow core business

eWorks’ TrainingVC provides a powerful set of tools to effectively manage rapid growth without compromising quality.

#2. To deliver better quality training and education

TrainingVC has the capability to support a huge range of engaging learning experiences including mobile video assessment, virtual classroom conversations across continents, and fully interactive online courses in general.

#1. To increase profitability

Organisations are competing for a share of one of the fastest growing markets in Australia. Now is the time to invest in Australia’s leading e-learning platform, TrainingVC.

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