Time to get racing!

Get into the Melbourne Cup Day spirit with the horse racing Toolbox: They’re racing!

This Toolbox provides flexible learning opportunities for those working in the three codes of the racing industry: thoroughbred, harness and greyhound. Based on actual workplace situations They’re Racing! comprises tasks, content and activities which cover the underpinning knowledge and skills for four units of competency. The unique features of this product are the integration of competencies into authentic learning experiences relating to the work environment that the learner will encounter. It is designed to be applied in conjunction with practical on-the-job training covering Certificate II qualifications from the Racing Industry Training Package.

Horse racing learning objects

The Toolbox is divided into 21 learning objects, available on the National VET Content website. You can be sure that all facets of the horse racing industry are covered, including:

  • Identify a horse
    Identify a horse by recognising the points of a horse, identifying common colours of horses, heights, brands and markings.
  • Approach, catch & fit headcollar
    Approach, catch & fit a headcollar to a horse by learning how horses think, by being able to read horse body language and by knowing what equipment must be used and how to fit it.
  • Prepare horse for travel
    Learn what gear can be used to transport horses, the safety features when fitting gear and the common ailments that can occur when horses travel.
  • Prepare vehicle for travel
    Learn about the type of vehicles used for transporting horses, the safety features required in horse transport vehicles and the items you should check before you start to load horses.
  • Load horses
    Learn to load horses including general handling skills, what can go wrong and putting safety first.
  • Restrain for examination
    Learn the correct and safe ways to restrain a horse or restrict its movement during examination or treatment by a vet.
  • Participate in safety meeting
    Identify Hazards and apply Occupational Health & Safety Procedures in Horses codes.
  • Completing safety induction
    Learn what OH&S, employee profile, working safely, PPE, worksite orientation and manual handling are.
  • Report an accident or near miss
    Learn the role of Workcover / Worksafe, emergency plans and incident reporting.