What are E-standards for Training?

E-standards for Training

The E-standards for Training are a national set of technical standards agreed by all jurisdictions and endorsed for implementation by the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG).

The E-standards are intended to remove technical obstacles to using technology for training, by identifying technologies and file formats that will work with the majority of devices that are available to users in the VET sector, and advocating that developers and creators of content use them.

The technical standards are reviewed and ratified annually by the E-standards Expert Group (EEG), which is the technical standards body for the VET sector endorsed by the National Senior Officials Committee (NSOC).

Each year the National VET E-learning Strategy’s New Generation Technologies (NGT) business activity (under the direction of the EEG) undertakes extensive research into new and emerging technologies and new and existing technical standards, and gathers analytics data that enables identification of the devices and operating systems that are being used in the sector.

The results of the research are then analysed in the content of the real world technologies available in the sector, and recommendations are made as to any inclusions or updates to the e-standards. The resulting recommended standards are circulated to each jurisdiction for comment. Once agreement has been reached by all jurisdictions, the standards are ratified and sent to FLAG for endorsement, and published for use by RTOs, teachers and trainers, and developers.

As of 2013 the E-standards for Training website is a sub-section of the FLAG site and is styled accordingly.

Rodney Spark EEG Chairs says "The site is designed to make it simple for all users to identify the information that they want, and the feedback in the recent review of the E-standards endorses that the information is valuable and easy to find."

The site has four first-level menus, which are fairly self-explanatory:

  • Technical Standards: the published E-standards for Training, ordered according to the categories of standards. The purpose of each of the standards categories can also be obtained from the summary page
  • Research: outcomes of the research undertaken to inform the development of the nationally-agreed technical standards, ordered according to the technology and/or standard that was researched
  • Implementation: detailed information and advice to facilitate the effective use of e-learning content and systems in the sector, ordered according to the technology and/or standard that was researched
  • EEG: an explanation of the purpose and membership of the E-standards Expert Group

The site also provides easy access to media releases reporting on the activities of the New Generation Technologies for Learning business activity.

Information about the business activity and its activities, including the Technology Innovations Research projects, standards and technology support can be found at http://ngt.flexiblelearning.net.au/.

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