Harness the sun, Toolbox of the month

Harness the sun Toolbox

Harness the sun was developed to support UEE42007 Certificate IV in Electrical – Photovoltaic Systems. It addresses three units from this qualification that are required by licensed electricians to operate as accredited designers and installers of photovoltaic systems.

Photovoltaic systems were formally a niche product but are now used to provide cost-effective, zero-greenhouse emission energy to national homes and businesses. Over the last decade, photovoltaic has been the world’s most rapidly growing energy source, with markets increasing at a compounded rate of above 40% per year over this period.

The Australian government offers rebates to individuals and organisations, but only if photovoltaic systems are installed by accredited installers. There will be increased demand for these installers, who must already be qualified electricians, and increased training opportunities will need to be provided.

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