Are there Toolboxes for Indigenous Learners?

Need a Flexible Learning Toolbox for Indigenous learners? Just take your pick!

Three Aboriginal people seated outdoors

  • Indigenous Ecotourism

    Many communities of indigenous people are looking to ecotourism as a means of managing their lands and providing jobs for their children. This Toolbox includes six topics ranging from environmental impact to economic and social issues.

  • Horticulture

    This Toolbox has been customised to cater to the needs of indigenous students in Horticulture, particularly trainees in rural areas who currently are required to travel to the cities to undertake ‘block release’ training.

  • Learning about Native Title

    Learning about Native Title is designed for indigenous learners and employees of local government, native title representative bodies, or other government and non-government agencies involved in native title matters.

  • Deadly Jam Music Festival

    Aimed at engaging young indigenous people who are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, learners interact with characters representing potential careers in the music industry. Along the way they will meet well-known indigenous figures in the Australian music scene.

  • Building Skills

    The Building Skills Toolbox is designed for apprentices and pre-apprentices in the building and construction industry around Australia. While it aims to specifically meet the educational needs of indigenous learners, this resource is also relevant to all learners studying the four addressed competency standards.

  • Cultural Resource Management

    This Toolbox uses simulated indigenous cultural heritage sites and tasks to allow indigenous learners to expand on the hands-on learning in this area. It invites intuitive exploration with many virtual environments and artefacts to investigate. Very little literacy competency is required.

  • Interactive Ochre

    Interactive Ochre is an entertaining and engaging contemporary resource, aimed to foster and develop inclusive work and learning environments. Music, visuals and animation invite learners to explore activities that lead to application of the concepts in their own workplace.

For a complete list of Toolboxes or to purchase a Toolbox, please visit the Flexible Learning Toolboxes website.