Android and iOS apps guide

Teachers and trainers within the VET sector will benefit from a new Android and iOS apps guide. The guide has been developed by the New Generation Technologies for Learning business activity, managed by eWorks staff, and outlines some of the considerations involved in app development for vocational education and training.

Developed using an online survey to rate different aspects of development environments, the guide, named Android and iOS App Development Explained, includes:

  • definitions of the various types of mobile apps,
  • a list of websites where the technically-minded can undertake self-training,
  • process descriptions defining how apps can be distributed to both platforms, and
  • an exploration of the reasoning behind creating a native versus hybrid versus web app.

"The business activity generally recommends that web apps are developed in order to maximise the ability to share across different mobile devices", says Business Manager Kristena Gladman.

"There are scenarios, however, where it will be beneficial to develop apps that use device-specific functions, and the guide resulting from this work is intended to help decide when that is the case", says Kristena.

The New Generation Technologies for Learning business activity is funded by the National VET E-learning Strategy, a joint initiative of the Australian and State and Territory governments.

For more information please visit the New Generation Technologies for Learning website and follow eWorks on Twitter.