Getting Started with Augmented Reality

Sarah Phillips attended the Informa conference last year, including a specific workshop on Augmented Reality (AR).

If you haven’t played around with some AR yet, now is the time to get started. It has been the topic of a couple of Emerging Technology Trials in 2010 and 2012.

A good app to try is Aurasma Lite which is free for iPad and Android. What you can do is create an image (or layer) to overlay onto a familiar object. Sarah demonstrated this to her colleagues here at eWorks with her business card, which she overlaid with a portrait photo of herself when pointing the device’s webcam at the card:

eWorks business card belonging to Sarah Philips, showing a picture of her on the right side

Sarah’s augmented business card

The clever part about this is that your layer gets stored in the cloud and you are provided with a link for sharing your layer with others. If you’re interested, you can find instructions on how to create your own AR layer with Aurasma.

Here is a list of other AR apps Sarah found to play with: