Victoria seeks input on ICT strategy

The Victorian Coalition Government is seeking feedback on a proposed ICT strategy developed by the Victorian Information and Communications Advisory Committee (VICTAC).

The draft provides advice on the future management and use of ICT by government and how the Victorian Government can design and use information and technology to deliver better services.

Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Technology Gordon Rich Phillips said that the Victorian Government is in a strong position to make the most of a changing ICT landscape. “We want to use information and technology to benefit Victoria,” Mr Rich-Phillips said. “Online services and new technologies continue to transform the way we shop, bank and live. Government must take advantage of these capabilities to remain in touch with the industry, to connect with our communities and to drive down the cost of government services.”

For further information and to view the draft strategy, visit There, you can also leave comments or submit a more substantive proposal. Consultation will close on 17 October 2012.

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